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Feeding your fish dried seaweed or nori.

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I have put together a video showcasing how we feed our fish. We have been feeding our fish, African cichlids, dried seaweed or nori for over a year now. In that time we have noticed improved health and coloring in a very large group of fish(all of them).

We used to only feed Hikari and Nls. Both are great foods but I still felt like I was macdonalding our fish.

With such large groups of fish I had to feed excessively to get the smallest guys fed.

This led me on the path of discovery and we haven't looked back. With so much veg food I'm able to feed freeze dried krill to all fish.

Now I don't recommend this to the wider public but it's pretty good evidence on how good the nori is. Make sure you get one without any additives and if your stuck I have some spare packets.

Enjoy the video and subscribe to pick up the latest content.


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Your thread inspired me to get out the Yaki Nori I bought a few months ago (to make Jack Dempsey food.. which they refused).

The jacks are long gone but all my present fish love it.

Corys ,guppies, platies , bristlenose as well as the cherry shrimp.

I just cut strips, soak it so it sinks make a ball & drop it in.

Another great food option.

Thanks for the prompt!

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