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EOI: 4L ice cream container

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Hi all,

a friend can get hold of brand new ice cream container. They are white in colour. I am using them as a hospital tank and egg/fry tumbler.

they are 4L and 5 for $6.50

Let me know if anyone want them.


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Hi Darren,

it is all ur fault :lol::lol:

I found them so handy for tumbling/raising fry as well as using it as a isolation tank :D but i use them slightly different to you though. I siliconed some foam on it side and float them in the tank so i won't need heater for them :lol:

will get few more sometime next week as have to milk another fish very soon :wink:

will get some pics if anyone interested to find out how it works.

oh yeah, the only reason why we need to buy them is that we can't eat the ice cream quick enough than we need for the fry :D


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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