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2 Koi Angels, Caloundra

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Cichlid Type: Angel

Price: $18 ea or both for $30

Size: 6-10cm

Quantity: 2

Sex: I think it's a male and female, but could be two females

Suburb/Town: Caloundra

Shipping: no.

These two, variously known as "the twisted sisters" and "the terror that flies by night" are a couple of beautiful koi angels that I recently acquired but just don't fit in my tank and are ganging up on my discus.

Not sure of size, but they're not getting lost in my 4x2x2, so see pics. I think they're a pair, particularly given how they 'shoal', but I'm not great at sexing angels.

Pickup Caloundra, but I am heading up to mooloolaba tomorrow (27th), I'd be willing to bring them for a firm commitment to purchase.52c858c9672903c2d105342911750f7d.jpg82517452b9eaf8793970d3918770a547.jpg00445cb0b79b2c990cb7ee33fb48e312.jpg7d901d3d5885afa9a5736c2baaf6596d.jpg

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These two are back up for sale, because as we all know angels are vast idiots when it comes to being parents.

They both stared at the eggs for two days before the male suddenly did a double take and realised he'd forgotten to do his part, and (I assume) started fertilising the now whitening eggs.

So if anyone's looking for a breeding pair of angels, my idiots are now up for sale again.

More pics:


That last pic is of the male doing his duty a day late and a dollar short.

SOLD pending Payment.

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