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African cichlids and bristlenose

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: $5-$65Size: 5-10cmQuantity: LotsSex: MixedSuburb/Town: RaceviewHi everyone,

Here is a list of current fry available for sale, I'm located in Ipswich QLD but shipping isn't a problem usually send via fastways but can via air freight if requested. I'll post a list of what I am breeding currently and in brackets beside it wil have out of stock if I have none available, most variants that are out of stock are growing out and 3-4 weeks away, never the less feel free to contact me to find out when the variant you like is going to be available.

Demasoni 4-5cm 5 for $30

Electric yellows 5 cm 5 for $25

Kingsizei 5cm 5 for $30 (limited stock)

Msuli point yellow tail acei 5cm 5 for $30 limited stock)

Msobo 5cm 5 for $50 (out of stock)

Mpanga 5cm 5 for $20

Dragons blood peacocks 5cm 5 for $20

Venustus 5-7cm 5 for $15

Maingano 5cm 5 for $20

F1 Ikola fry 5cm $35ea (out of stock)

Flavus 5cm 5 for $65

Afra cobue 5 cm 5 for $30

Albino Afra 5 cm 5 for $20

Msuli point yellow tail acei display males 8-9cm $10ea

Common bristlenose 5cm 5 for $15

Albino bristlenose 5cm 5 for $20

Albino and common sailfin Plecos 6cm $15ea

I also have hatching hope egg tumblers all proceeds go to charity. They are a neat design tumbler they have 2 layers of fine mesh at the bottom spaced apart to protect the fry from other fish, under the lid there is another piece of fine mesh to keep the fry in and a air stone for superior and precise flow control. These tumblers are $15ea plus $4 for postage if needed.

All fish will be bagged in oxygen and awaiting your arrival to pick up for your conveinance.

If shipping it will be at buyers expense and risk, all fish will be prepped for shipping with the upmost professionalism and care. Shipping a large box via fastways overnight usually costs $50-$60. Can fit up to 30 fish in a large box.

Contact James 0400162125

NOTE: these will only be available for this weekend 27-28th December 2014 come Monday what ever is left is going to wholesalers.





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