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WTT rack for display

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Putting feelers out for a straight swap: my rack for display tank..

This is not auction or for sale thread!!

I have a three tier rack (pallet rack with ply shelving) 180cm high x 260 long (including uprights) x 45cm wide

Two of 6' x 18" x 18"

Three of 3' x 18" (one is being used as sump)

Lp40 air pump, main line hose, sponge filters & air stones etc.

Ehiem sump pump, heaps of bioballs...

Rack is all plumbed and operational, add ur fish and ur good to go

Interested in swapping for a display tank eg. Cabinet/hood/tank....

Pm interest plz :)

**Note the two little tanks on the left are not included in trade (they are the wifes and i'd like my testes to remain where they are, thanks)***


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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