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Malawi cichlids

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Cichlid Type: African Cichlid

Price: $10ish

Size: 10cmish

Quantity: a few

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Gympie

Hi all have the following for sale.

* gissel. 1 boy 4 girls. Breeding $120.

* crabo. About 12 in total all adults and about 50/50 sex mix. All for $100.

* rusty's. About 10 in total all adults. Unknown sex. $100.

* Decorus. 14-17cm x 3. All 3 for $80.

* black white tail acei. 9 in total. Between 5-7cm. All for $60.

* Experatus. Looks to be 2 male 3 female. 5-6cm. $40.

* MMF long fin bn breeding. $100.

* 2 albino male bn about 8-9cm. $10 each.

Location is Gympie which is only 50minutes North of Etta pub. Can provide photos if you like just pm me your mobile number. Thanks

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