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Prices on these fancy goldfish

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These are a couple of goldies from Keysborough Aquarium in VIC. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about them, so I'd like to check if these goldies are actually 'show quality' or worth the ~$100 mark :) (Sorry if the pics are a bit small)

Ryukins: ~$75


Calico oranda (22cm): $338


Another oranda (22cm): $360




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More goldies :))

15-16cm ranchu: $338


Black and white ranchu: $495


25cm black oranda: $398


I get the feeling they're a little pricey?? Maybe that's just me with my beginner's eyes haha. I'm also looking to buy ryukins, pearlscales or butterfly tail telescopes around ~$100 each, but I live in VIC btw so...

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Have you had a look at the sticky on here about goldfish standards? That's a good place to start training your eyes and to know what to look for.

Here's a link for the American standards. Scroll down to the AGA standards

AGA website

Personally I think those goldfish look cool as they have some nice colours and patterns but their quality is lacking. What you're really paying for is the size of the fish. The only ones I'd be thinking of purchasing would be the ryukins. They have a decent body shape.

I usually try and purchase smaller fish around the 10 cm mark and grow them out myself. I buy them based on their body shape and finnage. Once you get to see lots of different types of goldfish and the quality from Asia (youtube this) you'll get a better idea in what you think is an awesome fish :cool:

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To get one goldfish of high quality to a large size is an enormous and expensive undertaking, add to that they are in a shop I would say that's about right for the pricing. There are many factors with fish like these that make them top quality and we can't tell from photos alone... Really need to see them in person and watch them move around to tell but for my money from the pics.. They look good!

Oh and it's not too late to send me that calico or anda for Xmas :)

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My personal pick would be this guy [ATTACH=CONFIG]59413[/ATTACH]

He looks real nice from the pic but yep would definitely want to see them in person especially if paying the big cookies :eek: ...some of these guys seem to lack the quality body shape but would hold some cool options as far as future breeding goes and as Mat was saying too its the size that really ups the price... :beer:

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