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Another day, another play and a aquascape complete

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I said to [MENTION=7848]PETFISH[/MENTION] that I would not mind doing a little aquascape and that is all it took to put a twinkle in his eye and he was keen.

We got the orders sorted for the day and time for a play. I thought a little cube might be fun to have a play with.

Before I knew it he had some rock sorted - Seiryu.

I grabbed a cube and said I would not mind popping in a background in this one so we decided on the Universal Rocks Basalt and he had the dimensions cut in a flash.

We were tossing up between attaching a Ista Canister and hanging it on the back but decided to go with a Ista hang on filter.

Rather than an ADA soil we chose to go with Up Aqua 5kg Shrimp soil.

Plants we went with Hairgrass, Blaxya, Glosso and some HC.

As much as like the Azoo Flex light we ended up going with the Ista Cree light.

In an hour to a hour and a half it was sorted and complete.

First Step was to have the background in place add the soil and add a little water in the low iron Skylight 30cm cube.


Put in the Hairgrass at the back and add the 3 Seiryu rocks


Added the Glosso, Blaxya, and HC - oh and the plastic bag with air in it was just to help with the adding of the water so it would not disturb the soil. Pete wanted to break up the HC a little more but I was just wanted to get it in - Pete now calls me Mr Instant as I like to get it done quickly - he likes to break it up and watch it grow and spread.


Uncle Pete putting the finishing touches....


Thought the CO2 line was a bit obvious so thought I would pop a little subwassertang around it to help blend in and when it was time to leave 2 hours later it was looking like this - and no the soil was not washed either.


I so hate my job.....:lol:

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