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I need set up help!

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Ok guys i really want a moray eel! I have a 4x2x2 and a 4x18x18 both set up for fresh water with one red devil in them both! I really want a moray eel just by itself! And I want to know how much the set up will cost me just basic nothing really technical, I have a standard water filter, I just want help on what I need to do for a moray eel and does anyone know where I could get one? Thanks guys! :)

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Marine moray eel is very easy to keep.

You need some buckets of marine salt mix, for filling up and water change.

You need a filter that can be used in marine tanks.

A hydrometer and some dechlorinator for getting water right.

An ammonia and nitrite test kit that works in marine tanks, for making sure cycle is finished.

Some coral sand, and some ornaments/liverock for the eel to lurk in.

Could be an idea to look over your lids too and make sure they fit well.

Sourcing eels is not too hard, I am going to help someone pack up a marine tank soon who has one.

Key thing is to get that filter cycled!

So yea get it started.

If you go a canister, you could get it running on a bucket of marine water on a chair.

Add some fishfood to the bucket, and top up with fresh when it starts to evapourate.

But yea good way to get cycle started before the tank is even setup.

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Depends what eel.

Probably around $100 for a zebra and $1200 for a dragon (likely more).

Snowflakes are usually quite cheap, with honeycombs/mosaic/white and green also usually well priced

Stay away from ribbons at first as they can be very hard to feed.

Eels can be hard to find a buyer for, so you can often find them for sale for around $30 in forums like this one, or MASA or the reefuge.

Other than that, most lfs that have marine can order them in from cairns marine for you, but they will likely want full payment up front.

Could always give Gavin a call at Pet City and ask him.......... or hit up Nielsens Marine Mates.

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