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Neon Tetra - white spots/mouth growths

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Hey guys,

I just came vac from a week away where my fish were on an automatic feeder (housemates were about to keep an eye on things) and I did a water change the day I left.

Now have a few problems with the tank.

The algae I had issues with has take over again, its like a brown beard algae. My largest discus who had not eaten since I got him a month back died - no injuries or obvious illness. I was expecting this somewhat as he just refused to eat anything I tried feeding.

Now I seem to have lost 3 of my 5 cories (knowhere to be seen so have no idea what happened)

And my school of 20 neons appear ill. Almost all have white to slightly yellow fluffy patches - worse on fins but also on the body and 2 or 3 of them also have growths of the mouth. One is so large I doubt he can eat properly.

The remaining 5 discus look ok, but obviously I am very worried I now have a big problem with this tank. Water parameters are still normal.

I am obviously going to have to start big frequent water changes - how much do you suggest daily? I dont have another cycled tank to move anything at the moment.

Do I need to medicate?

I have tried to get photos but they are not that good, the tetras are hard to catch!


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I would stick to your water change system and reach for this...

Age of Aquariums - Promethyasul 125ml

This is my first choice med as it is broadspectrum and effective. You have a foot and mouth fungus, but fungus can be a secondary infection.... so this stuff is good for low level bacteria, fungus and many other infections.

If I could only have one medicine in my cupboard for my fish this would be it.

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