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20+ types of African Cichlid fry for sale.

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: see belowSize: see belowQuantity: A fewSex: MixedSuburb/Town: Ormeau----------- FINTASTIC CICHLIDS ORMEAU – Like us on Facebook -----------

For quickest response, please call me or send me a text message to 0408 823 989.

I have lots of colorful African Cichlids available for sale. I breed them and also supply some of the better aquarium shops in South East Queensland, so my fish are great quality.

However, please note that I’m not like a shop as I always have the fish caught and ready for pick-up when the buyer arrives. It takes a while to get rocks etc out and then catch fish in different tanks. I also breed some fish that are very skittish and a bit challenging, hence disturbances must be kept to a minimum.

Please bring your own bucket/esky/container to transport them in.


Sizes are a good estimate but can vary slightly.

While all are healthy good quality fish, these are fry and sold unsexed.


Assorted/Marbled Peacocks 30-45mm: 5 for $30

Black Bar Red Top Zebra 30-40mm.…5 for $35 / 50-70mm: 5 for $40

Cobalt Blue 30-40mm: 5 for $30 / 40-70mm: 5 for $40

Elongatus Mpanga 30-40mm: 5 for $30 / 50-60mm: 5 for $40

Dragons Blood Peacocks 30-40mm: 5 for $30 / 40-60mm: 5 for $40

Eureka Red Peacocks 30-40mm......5 for $32

Labidochromis Hongi 30-40mm: 5 for $30 / 50-70mm: 5 for $35

Electric Yellows 30-40mm…5 for $30

Melanochromis Chipokae 30-40mm: 5 for $35

Lombardoi 30-40mm......5 for $30 / 40-60mm 5 for $40

Red Zebra (Pulu point) 30-45mm......5 for $32



Ps. Flavus

30-50mm….3 for $45

Tramitichromis Intermedius Tanzania.

40-60mm….3 for $55

Protomelas Taiwan Reef Chimoto Red

35-45mm....5 for $40

60-100mm, breeding colony of 2 males 4 females, $120 for the 6

Copadichromis Azureus

35-50mm....5 for $35

70-120mm, breeding colony of 2 males 4 females, $120 for the 6

Hemitilapia Oxyrhynchus (very rare)

35-50mm.....$18ea, min buy 3

Placidochromis sp. Jalo Reef (rare)

35-50mm.....$18ea, min buy 3



I only breed from wild caught Cyphotilapia Frontosa, so these fry are F1 and top quality. Import certificates of origin available for viewing proving the parents are wild caught.

Frontosa Kigoma (7-bar) or Frontosa Burundi (6-bar)

Stunning fry. Limited availability.

About 35-45mm

2 for $60 or 10 for $270

About 60-80mm

2 for $80

Also often available: F1 Frontosa Kipili and Ikola Lightning Blue…..please pm for availability


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Hi Jwoods,

Do you ship interstate, I'm based in Adelaide. If so can you give me a quote for the following including shipping,

- Lwanda Peacock : 1m/1f

- Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi : 1m/1f

- Aulonocara benga: 1m/1f

- Rubin Red (good red colour) : 1m/1f

- Lemon Jake Peacock : 1m/1f

- Dragon bloods (good red color, not the orange or spotted ones)

Or any other colorful peacocks you have. Looking for small/mid size fish with colour.


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[MENTION=15847]Fishbitz[/MENTION] I have now sold my wild caught breeding colony (pending pick up early June), but I will have Ikola fry available in a month or so. They will be the last lot from me.

I currently have some stunning F1 Kigomas and Burundis available though :-)

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