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Gpg challenge

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yup completely agree with Crusty. I had a daily morning routine of collecting fake plants from the surface until one morning I couldn't be bothered and ended up having to remove 20cm of fake plant from my silver aro because of it. GPG didn't seem to swallow it but was certainly responsible for ripping most of it up on a daily basis even if it was glued to rocks or wood. Have given up on any plants since....

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Ditto all of the above...

GPGs are huge vegetarians - they smash everything I throw in the GPG Billabong except....


These water iris plants are in 12inch pots, and the gouramis ignore them.

Even when the long leaves finally rot at the base and fall over, they just end

up floating around and I fish them out. You are welcome to some if you want

to try them - just send me a PM.

Trouble is they are emergent plants and about half to two-thirds end up above the waterline,

so I don't think they will really help in a planted tank. Still they are GPG-proof!

Absolutely everything else from duckweed and frogbit (before it was dodgy) through elodea and

vallisneria to some watercress and water hyacinth that I needed to dispose of all went down GPG throats.

Dwarf papyrus is another boggy-marsh plant that might survive - I do recommend a swimming pool however :banplease:

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Ding Ding Ding looks like [MENTION=5372]Grover65k[/MENTION] beat the challenge :)

These look perfect mate, it's not a planted tank but I just wanted some green haha

I couldn't take em for free though mate, think of it as an entry fee to see the billabong ;)

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No worries [MENTION=12090]Tristan[/MENTION]...

You are very welcome to come over and let me throw an armful of irises at you!

They feed off the nitrates and try to climb out of their pots, so I need to thin

them down a bit.

Actually, the entry fee to "GPG Billabong" is 1 Cos lettuce !!!


They love their lettuce, and keep grazing on it for an hour or so til its all gone.

Send me a PM, and we'll arrange a time.



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