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UV Sterilizers

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Currently looking at getting a UV steriliser for my aquarium as I am still not happy with the overall water quality.

I have found a few online from our various sponsors but wondering if anyone has any experience or recommendation with these.

I decided to go for ones with a higher wattage as I thought it would be worthwhile to kill diseases in the tank and not just the algae.

Here are the three I am looking at:


[h=1]Sun Sun CUV-155 UV-C 55Watts UV Sterilizer for Aquariums and Ponds: $98[/h]

AquaNova UV 36w $199

at this point it seems the Sun Sun is winning for its price and higher wattage... but I have heard good things about the Aquanova so maybe it is worth the extra money if it will last longer?

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UV is very hard on plastic. If your hose joins are plastic but not UV stable, they will fail in 12 months. Many of the cheap brands aren't.

Do you have a recommendation? maybe go for a lower wattage but a better brand? I know the bludgeon get pretty good reviews and go for about $150 bucks for the 9w model

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