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4ft complete Aquarium setup with co2 system and plants

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Condition: Used Price: 850 Willing To Ship: No location: Alexandra Hills, QLD, 4161 4ft complete Aquarium setup comes with:

• 48" x 18" x 20" size glass fish tank

• Custom built solid wood cabinet with shelving 41.5” height

• Co2 pro series 2 regulator

• 2.64kg co2 Keg King gas bottle

• (Co2 reg, bottle and co2 reactor can be sold seperately for $200 for the lot as hardly used)

• Ista Co2 external inline reactor

• Aqua One Nautilus 1400lph canister filter including all media

• Up Aqua Pro LED Z40 120cm for plant growth

• Bottles of Prime, Discus Buffer, Flourish - hardly used

• New Life Spectrum Thera+A small pellet fish food

• API Freshwater Master test kit - hardly used

• Eheim 150w heater

• Assorted tools and accessories plus a large gravel vacuum

• Magna Float glass cleaner

• 1x large texas holey rock and 1 x large vertical very interesting rock

• 1 x large Mangrove Root

• 45kg of black gravel with iron additive mixed in

• Loads of Java fern, sword plants, crypts, hair grass and marimo moss ball

• Including some fish

Total: $850 complete

The whole complete setup is only less than a year old and am selling due to end of hobby and new dog.

Pickup available in Alexandra Hills, QLD 4161






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