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Complete Custom Made Tank + Cabinet 300L/80cm High Setup – 90cm x 45cm x 80cm

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Condition: Used Price: $700 Willing To Ship: No location: Annerley

I had this display tank custom made a few of years ago. It’s a 300L 90cm long, 45cm wide, 80cm high tank and looks fantastic when planted up. It's actually empty at the moment though because we've just moved.

I’m asking $700 for the setup. As you can see below, much of the equipment on this tank is of high quality and will last you for years to come.

I’m sorry to see this tank go, it was my main display tank for years but I’m moving house and this tank no longer suits.

It comes with…

- Cabinet and hood

- Tank (300L, 90cm long, 45cm wide and 80cm high)

- Eheim 2217 canister filter

- Eheim MECH mechanical filter media

- Eheim substrat biological media

- Eheim Jager 150W heater

- 3ft 4xT5 light (needs one of the ballasts replaced)

- Light complete with Geismann tubes

- Air pump

Pickup only, in Annerley

Originally I had a large school of tetras in it before trying my hand at discus and they both look great – though I think it was better suited to the discus as they look really good given the dimensions of the tank.

Here's what it looked like when originally set up:




Here's the sale items...(sorry for the mobile phone photos)






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The moving is now complete, but I really don't have a nice spot for this tank in the new house. I got it made the size it was to make it look like a living picture that could be seen anywhere in the main living area of our old house and it neatly fit a wall. Unfortunately there's not really an equivalent focal point for it in the new house so it's time to let it go to someone who could put it to better use.

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Yes it would hold 6 discus, but that's pretty much the maximum if you are going to put discus in there - of course you could put some smaller tetras in with the discus though.

The substrate I did have there was a DIY one based on red dirt. It grew plants amazingly well but ultimately is far too messy. I do have some Seachem Flourite that I could throw in with it. It's not a fantastic substrate but it's pretty good and it's gravel-based so it won't cloud the water.

The plants I had in it were "low tech" plants. Some lilies for height, as well as anubias, java fern and chain swords. None of them are challenging to grow but you can still get a good look. I don't have much since moving but I do have some needle leaf java fern I could throw in to get you started.

Let me know if you're interested.

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