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All I ever wanted.... (a sad tale of MTS)

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All I really wanted was a little 46L fluval edge, with some red cherry shrimp, and a little school of microrasboras and 1-2 endlers. I debated for 2 months on if it would be too much work, how I would cope with cleaning and feeding fish etc... but I decided it was worth it. I went ahead and brought my dream nano tank.

Then I joined a forum..............

I saw a cheap standard 2ft tank and stand for $30, and I needed somewhere to put all the extra plants I had, and extra shrimp, and the enders had fry now, they couldn't all fit in that little tank... and it was only $30........ total bargain right? At $30 I could always just get rid of it if it didn't work out.. so I went ahead and brought it.

Then someone was selling CRS - I'd admired them for ages, and they are so beautiful and since they were a bargain compared to what the LFS was selling them for, I decided to try my luck and put them in the 2ft. I rationalised, if they didn't make it, it would be okay, they didn't cost much. I went ahead and got them.

Then the CRS didn't love the water conditions, and started dying really slowly... and the endlers were bigger and more aggressive, and eating the small ones. Well, I'd invested money in the CRS, and they were pretty. It was frustrating, and I hated to see the small population dwindle - I needed a tank for them. I went ahead and got another tank. A 2ft cube this time. Then summer came, and they needed a chiller. I got that too.

Then the endlers in the standard 2ft tank started to kill off too many red cherry shrimp, and they weren't doing well in the fluval edge with the microrasboras eating them either. I decided to get a separate cherry tank to keep stocking the display tanks.

I found someone on the forum selling red cherries and picked some up... but whats that? They are selling yellow cherries too? Might as well get some of those since I'm driving all that way........ oh, and they need a separate tank so they dont interbreed? I can do that..........

Not to mention different strains of endlers, my brief foray into breeding peppermint bristlenose, that time I had 4 types of shrimp over 8 tanks with culls and what not....... and a garage full of all the side bits you end up with.

So here I am. I tried desperately to cut down. 3 months ago I got really ill and I made it down to 3 tanks, and it would have stayed that way if it wasn't for the forum. This afternoon I'm sitting here looking at my 6 tanks and 2 plastic tubs wondering what the hell happened to me.

All I wanted was the 46L fluval edge tank........

I blame the forum!!!

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Yes, I too am a member of Fishaholics Anonymous: it all started with one little 2 foot tank and four comets. Then a bigger and better filter. Then some bottomdwellers. Then an airpump and sponges or two. Then I added plants.Then I saw in my local aquarium shop all these oh so pretty other fishes..Danios, and Gouramies, and Bala Sharks, and Tetras, and, and ,and... Then I needed another tank and more gear. I had to keep up with the Joneses and get a canister filter or two. Then I discovered The Tech Den and all those accessories and products. And my local aquarium shop had Aqua One all self-contained 90L tanks heavily reduced to an amazing discount price (no steak knives though). So I had to buy to keep the economy going and Joe smiling. Now I have a cupboard full of spare filters, heaters, hoses, clips, spray bars, filter sponges, air tubing, air pumps, thermometers, light tubes, and so it goes on... What happened. Why could I not stop at one little tank with my Goldies ??? It's an addiction; I need counselling and professional help. Hang on what's that on eBay.


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It started with a three foot aqua one tank and stand......

Im pleased to say i dont have 1,000,000 tanks. although i do have an 8ft tank.

Money is the main thing, sucks the cash this hobby.

Also being on nightshift doesn't help.... drooling over Benthochromis tricoti Kigoma that Lloyd has for sale.

Convincing the missus that 250pf is not a bad price.....(if only i hadn't just been made redundant) it would be an easy sell...

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They should medicate for MTS. My first tank was a little 2ft aqua one bits and peices, then i jumped straight into 3 5ft tank steel stand breeding and then went marine tank. Now back to 1 tank and 1 30cm riv.

no more tanks......

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