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What are you keeping/planning to keep. Maybe with a bit more info people might be able to help you.

As far as I know the PH is a bit high for most fish, but Africans might be ok (I'm not 100% certain)

I would probably be doing a water change to reduce your nitrates, or something else others would be able to help on.

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I`m keeping 1 big gold fish, 2 loaches, 2 brittleness , 2 neons & about 30 guppys in this tank & this test is out of the water in the tank.I only did a water change on Sat & regularly do one every week, bout 40 -50 %. I`m using fraction & easylife liquid filter medium for water conditioners.This water has been like since I set my tank up over 12 moths ago, but the big gold fish is always getting fin rot or tail rot. I have a eheim professional 3e 350 2074 canister filter that I clean out bout every 3 months & a internal serenty 1000 filter also.

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Heh, winton, I used to live at kynuna lol. Would help if you could test your water source (as it comes outta the tap, and after being in bucket for 24hr with airstone) then you'll know if source water causeing most of the problems (likely if your using bore water). The nitrate levels are higher then healthy for long term with your fish, as well as the PH level you have.

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Yea that aint neon friendly water lol

Should be good for guppy and goldys tho.

You should give canister and internal filter a good clean (using water taken from aquarium it runs on)

Then give gravel a good clean with gravel vaccum.

Then get in a few 50% water changes in the same week.

This should enable you to get the nitrates down below 40ppm (we want to see yellow/orange..... not red ideally)

Fin rot is usually bacterial, its common in fish that are being nipped by other fish (open wounds to get infected) and also in tanks with high nutrient loads (high nitrates can be an indicator of) that are running above 25degC.

And these days, whose tanks arent above 25degC?

Its 11am and my main display is at 32degC!

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