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Cal Aqua Labs Soils - Green Base XR - Plant Ferts -Green, Red, Shine, Carbo-L, Chrome

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We have added to the range of Black Earth Soil Normal and Fine and added the new XR for a base and also the Red, Green, Shine, Carbo-L and Chrome plant ferts.

Stock arrived this afternoon and although we are not showing stock when the update runs tomorrow it will show them in stock.

Cal Aqua Labs

Cal Aqua Labs XR Green Base 2 Litres


Cal Aqua Labs Chrome - 500ml Trace Elements


Cal Aqua Labs Carbo-L - 500ml Organic Carbon


Cal Aqua Labs Green - 500ml Nitrogen, Potassium, Trace


Cal Aqua Labs Red - 500ml - Iron


Cal Aqua Labs SHINE - 500ml - Potassium


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