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how do brislenose catfish breed

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Here is some info on bristlenose catfish i have.

bristlenose plecostomus are perhape the easiest plecostomus to breed in an aqurium. when sexuallymature,a male will find a suitable spawing location and clam it as his terriory. this may be around or under a hunk of drifwood or inside or under pvc pipe or clay pots. he will defend the spot from other males if present. to promote spawing, baensch's aquarium atlas sugggests doing a 75% water change in november (in the northern hemisphers). the shorter days of winter and the water change make the plecos think it is the start of the rainy season. if the female(s), she will enter his territory and spawing site when she is ready to lay eggs. Eggs are stuck on hard surfaces, on top hanging from "celling". the comouflaged male will guard the orange or amber eggs until yhey hatch about ten days later. after absorbing thir yolk over three to four days, the tiny, baby plecos will immediatley start to work on sucking algae off of surfaces. if there fish in the tank aside from yhe plecos, the babies or eggs can be move to another tank to prevent those fish from eating the babies. some breeders remove whatever the eggs are laid on into anther tank and give the father a replacement site (wood, pot.pvc,ect). to guard. although . i would think it would be better to keep the eggs with the father so that he can aerate them and tend to them. the babies can be removed after hatching.

hope this can help u out :D:D

jason :D

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