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Putting out the feelers

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Hi all, I will be starting a dedicated shrimp tank very soon. I am looking for some CRS to put in it. Also i would need them shipped.

They don't have to be of high quality, as i am a novice and wouldn't like to murderise anything of high value :angel: So, could you send me a pm with what you have available & prices please.

Cheers all.

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Hey mate,

First things first, have you kept a dedicated shrimp tank before? I'd highly recommend starting off with a cherry (neocaridina) species first as they are hardier, cheaper and much easier to look after.

If you're dead set on CRS (caridina), have you thought about what you will need? I.e. RO water/ rain water, Salty shrimp Gh+, benibechi substrate, ect?

And lastly, the two best people I'd recommend for the shrimp, would be [MENTION=4157]gbang[/MENTION] and [MENTION=885]smicko[/MENTION]

Two very good breeders with good quality stock!

Happy shrimp keeping mate,


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I have nothing for sale at the moment.

As long as the tank is cycled properly cherries will be the best bet to start with.

I have plants and moss in my shrimp tanks to control water parameters, as you know small tanks can go wrong fast. Plants buy you a bit of time. [MENTION=12883]BarryToucher[/MENTION] Glenn is [MENTION=263]gyung[/MENTION] on this forum. [MENTION=2388]Daydream[/MENTION] has some nice cherries but doesn't post, we may be able to work something out.

Cheers mick

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