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4 Zebra danios

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Price: 12 ONO Size: 5cms Quantity: 4 Sex: Unknown Suburb/Town: Jimboomba Price: 12 Size: 5 cms Quantity: 4 Sex: Unknown Suburb/Town: Jimboomba Fo sale, 4 zebra danios, only reason is as they are nipping my guppies, great active fish though. I know they need to be in a larger group but dont have the space to add more of these fish, so rehoming :)

Will swap for something more suitable, looking at cherry barbs (6) Raspboras, tetras (larger ones such as diamond) or gouramis.

(will put a small amount towards larger groups) size was guessed. They cost me $6 a fish only a mth ago.

Thanks :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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