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Deal of the Day - XXL LAVA ROCK - Today only 1/2 Price !!

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Has lava rock become really cheap?

I'd say the opposite is true.

Thanks to our kinda shakey realtionship with our friends to the north (AKA spying scandals and smugglers on death row) its harder than ever to source.

From what I have seen in lfs its one of the more expensive rocks available at the moment.

Which is a shame as its a great rock to work with for quite a few reasons.

Firstly its light for its size, so less dangerous in glass boxes.

That said when its wet its much heavier........ that internal volume though creates a great low oxygen environment for nitrate eating microbes. Yea these guys take a fair while to get established, so dont let lava from mature tanks dry out if you can avoid! The surface area is great for helping boost ammonia/nitrite eating microbes. The same technique that reefers use to maintain water quality using liverock.

Its also a great rough texture for attaching moss, susswasatang and anubias. Helps the rocks grip each other too making it great for building stable walls and rock piles. Also makes it easy to keep a grip of when you are removing it from tanks. Dropping rocks inside tanks is never a good idea!

Yea its rock, but its soft enough to alter. I have been know to file and drill to perfect bits........ and also to take it that bit too far and break epic bits XD

Which isnt the disaster you might think as heck its like turning one great rock into 2 great rocks.

Controversial as it is, I am pro lava ;)

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