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the cichlid kid

Aquarium background adhesive solutions

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Hi guys,

I was a big fan on the Marina Clearview background adhesive solution but was informed by the guys at AOA that they can no longer get the stuff (is either discontinued or the Aus distributor no longr brings it in).


Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get some of this or a similar product? (hoping there might be some old stock on the shelf somewhere)

Nielsens Marine Mates used to carry an alternate product that does the same thing, but they also no longer carry it.

Seaview Product - Mounting and Illuminating Your Aquarium Background - Brilliant Aquarium Backgrounds - Seaview Aquarium Background Gel - About

JBL also do a version


I have had a good look online and can't find anyone that carries any of these in Australia. I have looked at ebay and that is an option, but with the poor $AUD conversion rates to the USD and GBP, with postage it becomes quite expensive. I'd also like to have it sooner rather than later as I'm holding setting a tank up in hope of finding some.

If anyone can point in the right direction on where to pick any of these products up locally or within Australia I'd really apprecite it.

I know some people will probably think these products are a waste of money/not necessary, but unless you've used it it's hard to appreciate how good it really works/looks.



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