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Another one to the MarinePure Family - MP2C-c - 3.8 liters

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Another one for the MarinePure family and this is the MP2C-c which comes in a 3 litre pack in a mesh bag. Now there is one for just about any application. Best of all we have them all in stock....


Click here to view the whole range and pricing -------------> MarinePure by Cermedia, Shpere, Cubes, Rock and Blocks <-------------------- Don't forget your QLDAF 10% off all the items we have including these...

MP2C-c mesh bag (3l) Perfect for Ponds, sumps and canister filters.




and they fit well in canister filters too....here is a shot of some odd shaped ones in a Worx canister filter.



Ideal for passive filtration or a live rock alternative - the medium rock has the equivalent of over 11kgs of live rock.




Big Block



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any special coming up?

Not that I am aware of - we did have to do a buy it in a way to get it cheaper and have passed on the savings on that side but who knows - the supplier may do something. If we can get it at a better rate and that was the case we would pass it on too as a special but nothing that I know of.

We have worked hard in the background in conjunction with the supplier to get the additional Marinepure range into the Australia. The only two not available in Australia from the Marinepure range is the C and E sizes which are designed for hang on filters and think that it would be a task to convince that we need these considering the sales rate of hang on filters to warrant it.

There is always more to come [MENTION=7637]yellows[/MENTION] - hopefully the next update we do will be with the worlds smallest and quietest airpump. Its on our site - just awaiting the stock to arrive very very soon. Plus a couple of other things - all in good time.... :)


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