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Calcium carbonate gravel in cichlid tank

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i have just upgraded my tank to a Aqua one 850 (161 lt) , i have had peacock cichlids for 2 yrs now , electric blues, the aquarium store sold me some calcium carbonate , i have used fine gravel in my last one as my blues likes to renovate a lot,, i still have my my old tank ( aqua one 510,70lt) going with gold fish now for my son, it is crystal clear always has been.never had any probs, what i am finding with calcium gravel it is still not crystal clear,i i have done 2 ,25% water changes to try and get the slight milky water out, i washed the gravel for a good 15 mins , until water was clear before i put it in the tank, the aqua one has a wet dry filter system, wool - carbon cartridge, sponge- ceramic noodles, it runs 2000lt /hr, i also have a internal one going to help the water circulate, which has same media as the 850 , my ph is 7.8 with out doing anything, i asked the shop where i just spent $1000 , he suggested i pay him another $50 to get him to come with a micron filter , (got to love the service in bundaberg) is there any thing i can do , or will it take time to filter out the fine particles from this gravel, any advice would be appreciated. i found u guys by googling ur post on calcium gravel .

ps.all i use in my tank at water changes is water ager ,amerite down and geo liquid for cichlids.

regards Matty73

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I use calcium carb gravel in a few of my tanks, apart from the first day or 2 and when i stir it up they are allways very clear.

I dont have much flow, only useing sponge filters.

With your newly upgraded tank have you used old media? Or let the tank cycle? Because i may not be the gravel at all.

I have had and seen a few tanks do this cloudy crap when not cycled properly, normally when it does this i just grab a bottle of quick start or anything like that(bottled bacteria) to help the process.

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