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A few underwater photos from around here.

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It’s been a while since i have shared some pics here and on Reef central, but these are just a few of my thousands of pics from a few dives with mates.

Its hard work after taking 400 to 3000 pics at times, then sorting through them to find the best and sometime it s only 4 or 5 that are suitable!

Some lovely large polyp species a plenty with the climatechange.


Of course climate change isn’t all good, in fact if you have seen what was 30 plus years back, to what is now, you would be horrified!

These two of millions suffering are showing serious adverseaffects.



This was an accident that was fixed quite quickly, once I noticed it, we dropped the anchor near by so the chain ended up on these latz anemone.



With extra nutrients and less vis these days capensis algaeis going nuts!


Many scolis popping up far beyond what was in the past.


Heteractis magnifica, they becoming far more common now.


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