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this is not aquarium equipment, although I use one bench to access the tank.

after looking at outdoor furniture I decided that 3k for something close to what I want but not really I decided to build my own.

After a rough mud map in my mind and a cut list I orded the timber. $600 for wood, not bad!

Service in Bundaberg is terrible though, after a week of waiting. I decided to build the bench seats first with wood from Bunnings, 500 all up for three seats,

sorry photos are all on their side! No idea how to rotate,

next time I'd make the legs out of 75x75, still strong enough as they are.just look funky.

Each stool can hold 4-5 overweight bundabergians no drama!






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Been staring at this for a couple of days, got the base of the tub in. Drilled bung holes screwed brass nipples in so I can put bung caps on for draining, will use fibreglass resin to seal the tub

Now to finish sand and stain


great job mate hats off to you. if you not coated it yet do use varnish or stains they'll take the home grown fell away.

i would be using linseed oil and bees wax it takes a bit to work it in evenly and needs to bere if done ever year out in the weather

Tazzie Oak's a nice timber in its raw form and and isn't use as such enough IMHO

not only that you just paid how much for the timber.? dont hide its natural beauty

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You burn wood.

You build stuff out of timber.

The timber you have used is spotted gum.

Very good for outdoor use.

Looks a treat when coated with a nice clear oil to suit your need.

You've done a great job that for sure.

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