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Tasmanian Giant Freshwater Crayfish (Astacopsis gouldi)

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I was from sth west Vic originally ( all u Qlders don't go there cause i will outwit you 10 fold ) we had p-r-i-ckly backs blue and white fresh water crays, prob same family as these i am guessing , they live in the fresh springs that come from under ground and run back into the ocean (ewens ponds Sth east of Sth Australia & Vic border ) after diving for crays we would go to this place too was out our gear, i have seen some suckers nearly as big , let me tell you they are a force to be reckoned with, there reach goes well beyond past what a red claw (yabbie) does, so the inebriated idgit gets quiet a wake up call when trying to pick them up, now they call me stumpy. they are fantastic eating , law there is 1 per person , there is a closed season also .

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