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Festae advice

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probably keep them separated until the male is at least settled.

once you take out the divider keep a very close eye on them.

you can actually breed them with the divider still in the tank as long as you have holes or slits in the divider.

i have never personally done it but have seen it done before.

just be prepared for a death as festae are a very unpredictable and aggressive fish.

i have always bought a large group of juviniles and grown them up together, but still i had to remove aggressive fish to counter act any deaths.


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Keep them separated until you see her tube drop. Then remove the divider but you need to keep a close eye on them still. Expect that it could get nasty and you will need to add and take away the divider a number of times.

A good alternative depending on their physical size is to make sure the female can hide or get away when she needs to.

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