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Nano Tanks Complete - Aquael 20L & Aqua One 30L

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Condition: UsedPrice: $40 to $150Willing To Ship: Nolocation: Aspley

Hi all,

I have for sale 2 x Nano tanks.

The first one is an Aquael 20L that has been running for about 8 months and is still in near perfect condition.

It includes:

- the original aquael mini filter (not in use)

- Aquael fluro light

- Aqua One air pump and sponge filter

- thermometer

- heater

- 2L of Ista plant soil

- a small piece of golden vine

- about 30+ cherry shrimp

- all plants ( java fern, java moss, subwassertang, US fissiden, lilaeopsis, a little bit of willow moss and can throw in some peacock moss if wanted)

- a near full container of Sera shrimp natural food (35g)

All this for only $100 and is ready to go. SOLD



Can include the following at an extra cost:

- Eheim Aqua Corner 60 (currently in use and less than six months old) - $40 SOLD


- Mini C02 setup with Ista Diffuser and 3+ by 20g Fluval disposable canisters - $25


Also, I have for sale an Aqua One AR- 126, a great little 30L tank that is clean and in complete working order. Light and internal filter still in operation. Perfect for the beginner and a bargain.


It includes -

- a heater

- some fluval stratum (more than 1 Litre and has been cleaned)

- thermometer

- new Aqua One bio media

- 2 x brand new Aqua One carbon/mech filter cartridges.

Only $40 for the whole lot. SOLD

Pick up is at Aspley

PM me if interested.

Sorry no postage available.

Thanks for looking

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