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A few local semi and encrusting corals.

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After cyclone Oswald wiped out most of my tank life in 2013, Ithought I would give semi encrusting types of corals other then just mostly acan variants ago, as stags are a bit boring.

I had seen many australomussa and Pavona around over theyears but never bothered with it as with chalice as such, only because of themain sps syndrome, sort of!

You know the corals that are harder to keep, that aren’tthat hard to keep,lol

Any way they are working out quite good, by that I mean theyare not boring as I thought they would be.

I have 9 variants along with other stuff, these are four.





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Oh ok. I just googled them and there very nice, it looks like this sorta which is a scoly [ATTACH=CONFIG]61099[/ATTACH] ( pic from Google )

I had no idea what it was, first up I thought is was a strange acan!

This is what I went through trying to find it!

This is it at collection.


I thought it was this bowerbankia


or this one


I got it identified because I thought it was either a scoli or a bower?

And here are your autralmussa variants!


A little more on it

Bleeding Apple Australomussa is the Mother of all ‘Mussas

I am only going on identification by the best place to get things identified at, Reef Central.

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I forgot this one, it’s another Pavona but it’s off to the left of the top tank so it tend to forget it. The pavonas are a nice coral, great patern! Its three times the original size to when I found it and broke off a tiny frag. I checked it last month and you would not know I grabbed a frag from it!


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