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Huge black fantail goldfish

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Price[/b]: 60.00. Size: Approx 25cm with huge girth. Sex: Unknown. Suburb/Town: Woodhill

"One Eyed Willy" is a large black Ryukin golfish with only one eye. This doesn't affect him though, and he's always very active. Looks to have been a birth defect as it's perfectly smooth where the eye should be. I think it just adds extra character to him (or her, but I've always thought of him as a him!)

He has a small amount of white and orange in the tips of his tail.

Reason for sale is that his long term friend had a swim bladder issue so we had to put her down, and he doesn't seem as happy by himself, so I'd like him to go somewhere with at least one other goldfish for company. I don't want to get him a new friend as I'm moving onto angelfish once he's gone.

Must have at least a 200 litre tank minimum and I will require confirmation of this, he's too big for anything smaller.

We paid $110 for him, and are selling for $60 firm.

wont let me upload photos but can send some to an email or mobile.

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