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2015 Q.F.A.S. MARKET DAY APRIL 18th.

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Q.F.A.S. Market Day

Saturday APRIL 18th




The 2015 QFAS Market day is again being held at Springwood Road State School on Saturday, April 18th from 10:00 am til 2:00 pm.

Easy access from the Southeast Freeway and plenty of parking right at the door.


If you would like to hire a site to sell product then you need to contact Peter Johnson either by pm or by email (peterrjohnson@hotmail.com).

Setup from 9:00 am.

Costs are; powered sites $35.00 unpowered sites $30.00. There are also aprox 12 tables available for hire at $10.00 per table.


Any Aquarium Hobby related item may be sold.

The seller can use all or part of the space allocated for the sale of items.

Sellers can have a table or multiple tables but they must NOT spread outside the allocated area.

If a seller requires more space they can take out a second space providing one is available, otherwise they must refill their space from their car.

Prices must be clearly marked for every item sold.

All Fish should be of a saleable size, minimum 4cm Total length (from tip of nose to end of tail) unless a dwarf species of fish then they should be a minimum of 2.5cm.

Q.F.A.S. will NOT accept any more than 5 fish in any one bag unless they are small fish (under 6cm) or the bag is a very large bag. This is for the health of the fish.

Large fish must be in suitably sized containers not squashed up in small bags, buckets etc.

All fish should be in a healthy condition, No sick or deformed fish to be sold.

There are no number limits on fish or dry goods, so if you wanted to you could have 100 electric yellows for sale etc.

How fish are displayed, sold and bagged is up to the seller.

Be aware that Q.F.A.S. considers the health and welfare of the fish to be paramount and anyone who does the wrong thing in this regard, will be asked to clean up their act ONCE and if they fail to rectify the situation will be asked to stop selling, pack up and leave. In this situation no refund would apply.

All chemicals must be sealed and not out of date. No half empty containers.

No electrical goods of any kind.

No potted plants (pots with synthetic media excluded).

No gravel smaller than 10mm, shell grit, coral sand, sand or any item containing dirt or gravel will be sold. This will help in stopping the spread of Fire Ants.

Sellers MUST provide their own change.

Clubs and Shops welcome to put in tables.

For general enquiries please PM or email, either Graeme Day (gday@firstclassaccounts.com) or Peter Johnson (peterrjohnson@hotmail.com).

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Not sure if I will be going. I do need some CRS if anyone is taking some. Also want some small Apistogramma and tetra.

[MENTION=7291]ginger[/MENTION]steve Tell the truth. It is a long drive from Moggill and you cant afford the petrol!!

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[MENTION=7291]ginger[/MENTION]steve Tell the truth. It is a long drive from Moggill and you cant afford the petrol!!

But if he could get there he would buy thousands worth of fish from everybody, cause he has money for them lol

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No pictures sorry. They only went into their tank this arvo. 4x18x18 they have all the space now :)

Dude, [MENTION=12090]Tristan[/MENTION] Persei are the freaking coolest! love 'em & haven't seen any around for quite a while.

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Has been a very very long time indeed... have had my eye out for them for a while now so I almost didn't believe it when i saw them there today.

Bloke also had balzani, green snooks and polleni just to name a few. (definitely the stand out for me today).

My little guys are still tiny as and don't look like much yet but after seeing what their dad looked like they should be stunners once they get some size to them :)

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