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Advice please on what substrate to use

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Hi all, I've been out of fish keeping for a while aside from a couple of goldfish. I'm thinking of setting up a lightly planted tank with angelfish.

I would love some recommendations of substrate to use. I love the look of sand, but I know it can damage filters. I have recently seen some gravel at City farmers that is teeny tiny and almost looks like sand.

I love the look of black too, but I have dark bluefish coloured rocks to use in the tanks so I don't want the whole tank to look too dark.

The tank is in a main part of the house so I want it to look really nice!

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Duckess, you have so many different looks to go for...

Have a search in the photo section for some ideas..

As for fine sand and filters I wouldn't worry to much just have your inlet up off the bottom bit,

also angles don't dig much at all from my knowledge, maybe some other fish you have in with them might tho..

If you had some dark sand or moon titanium sand in there with dark rock I think would look great together as long as

your lighting is bright and effective.. But yeah have a good look at other people tank in the photo sect...

Good hunting.!.!.

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