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Neon praecox rainbows

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Price: OffersSize: 6cmQuantity: 6Sex: MixedSuburb/Town: ShorncliffeThinking of clearing out and selling my upstairs display tank. Contains 6 praecox rainbows (about 18 months old) and at least 4 common bristlenose. The bn have bred before, but don't have a log.Tank is an aquarworld marine tank, not sure of the model anymore. The skimmer was crisp- do has been freshwater for 5 years. I've had Africans, discus and rainbows in it. Currently has black substrate and laterite mixed in. Feature driftwood with Java moss, heaps of crypts and a little bit of native lilaeopsis. I'm open to offers. Cost a fortune, but I'm realistic. I'd prefer to sell the lot together. Please pm me with offers. I'm in shorncliffe.


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