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Hi everyone ,

How is going ?

I have a dragon blood peacock about 15 cm. I suspect he has got the Malawi Bloat !!

He hasnt been eating in the last 3 days and his stomach has been bloated. Never seen this big and round before.

Every morning when i feed my fish, he is always the first one be there, but in the last 3 days, he will take the NLS pellets but then spits it out and not swallowing it anymore -

All my fish have been on NLS Thera A+ , NLS Ultra reds, NLS Cichlids formula and NLS Discus formula all mixed together exclusively.

The only thing i have done differently was, 3 days ago i got a small container of the NLS wafer for free so i broke it into little pieces and i fed them just for snacks and fun.

I have attached the photos of when he was healthy and when he's now Bloated.








Now i have put him into a bare tank 4Ft by himself and started treatment using waterlife sterazin - I dont think he will make it - he's stomach is getting bigger and bigger - i feel it will blow up one day.

Please help.

Your Sincerely

Adam K

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Epsom salts bath, you could give that a go and hope for the best.

In a large container filled with water from your aquarium, add 1 tablespoon Epsom salts per 4lts of water. Swim the fish in this solution for 15mins to 30mins or until stress shows or feces are released .Repeat daily until the fish shows signs of recovery.

I hope things work out for the fish.

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My greedier fish also occasionally come down with this and the only success i have had is to quarantine and a starvation diet. If anything try and feed shelled peas which is supposed to clean them out but have found if i left it too late they won't eat anyway. Epsom salts are supposed to do the same thing. The tank he came out of should also get a good clean as well or it could be passed on to others and watch them closely. They can go a long time without a feed but it is more important he passes the blockage so any food other than peas will only make it worse. Once they have had it for too long it is almost always fatal. De-stress him as much as possible by covering the quarantine tank. Hope it works out for you.

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