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Hi everyone (planted FW)

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Hi everyone,

I've been taking a look at a number of aquarium forums for a while now, thought I should join up with a local one - and the community and experience is awesome! I've been keeping aquariums for a few years now, and currently I'm keeping a 20gal standard freshwater planted aquarium (attached photo) with a number of tetras (some nearly 5 years old) and a mix of shrimps, some yellow, red and wild type (regressed) cherry shrimp and a few Darwin algae shrimps.

I had a huge problem with thread/hair algae in the last couple of months, but have been combating that with a number of treatments (reduced lighting periods, manual removal, H2O2 spot treatment, temporarily using Phosguard) and it seems to be nearly sorted. At the same time I'm working on getting the tank up to a high tech level with more plants and getting them to actually grow properly - I started dosing macros a couple of weeks ago in addition to the flourish and CO2 booster treatments I already was. Also going to delve into the world of pressurized CO2 within the next couple of weeks hopefully. Should be exciting, and I thought some extra knowledge and experience from you guys wouldn't go astray!




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