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RMS L. varigatus

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Price: 50Size: 20-25Quantity: 1Sex: UnsexedSuburb/Town: Albany CreekPrice: $50Size: 20-25cmQuantity: 1Sex: UnsexedSuburb/Town: Bris North, Albany Creek.

I bought this fish into the world when he was 4cm, sold him off when he was 15cm, got him back for sentimental value at around 22-23cm and now im selling him again. He's a solid fish, Maroon in colour with a few red flecks, can handle himself with larger fish, loves his food, typical Shark behaviour. Looking for $50. This is the only one i know of in QLD, worth much more but i need him gone :). PM me or txt if you have my number.

Will upload a pic when i get home as i'm at work atm...But Google Red Marble Shark and youl get the idea.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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