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Need help finding an Aquarium

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Hi guys,

I am asking for a friend who is not on the forum. They recently had the front of their 5 foot fish tank crack. I believe it was a Sun Sun or Daziran (with the curved sides and straight front)

Anyway it will be covered new for old, by insurance, however i need to chase down a quote. I have already gone to the sponsor web sites but can't find any the same size.

You see the occasional one for sale online but these are all 4 foot max.

I also went to the Sun Sun web site (Chinese site) which had limited information however it looks like they don't have a 5 foot tank with the curved sides anymore.

Would anyone have any links to Sun Sun products/tanks, or if you are a supplier do you have these available or do you import them? or recommend a similar product.

Thank-you in advance.

PS, I know the Sun Sun range get a bit of Sh*t for their reputation, but curved sides look good.

Here is an example of the tank we are looking for.


Thanks again

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