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Fish room closing down

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: From $8Size: 5.5cm - 15cmQuantity: Lots lots and lotsSex: MixedSuburb/Town: JimboombaTiger oscars 4x $15 each size 12cm

silver dollars 3x $15 each size 15cm

red devels 29x $10 each size 15cm

blue dolphin colony 20x $200 for the lot size range from 12cm-17cm

ob peacock 2x $10 each size 10cm

crabro colony 6x $90 for the lot size 13cm (sold)

elec yellow colony 22x $250 for the lot size 7-9cm

flavus colony 15-18x $95 for the lot size 6-8cm (sold)

venustus 7male 15females $190 for the colony Size 12-17cm

humphead pair $35 Size 7cm and 10cm (sold)

saulosi colony 10males 20females $250 for the lot size 6cm

fusco colony 4males 9 females $125 size 14cm (sold)

hongi colony 9x $8 each size 8cm

flame backs 4x $8 each size 8cm

dragon bloods 2x $8 each 8cm

brasiliensis 2x males $10 each size 12 cm

fire mouth 12x $185 for all size from 9cm

ellioti 9x colony $160 (they have had two litters so far) size 8cm approx

please text or call me, not on line much. If u want pics pls text me what ur after and i can send u a picture of the fish! Located at jimboomba for viewing and pick up! Please no time wasters. Hoping to sell breeding colonys in one hit so not too keen on breaking colonys up if possible! 0404440331

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