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Dead Rummynose & one sick....please help

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hi guys

Just recently became fish owners in the last couple of months, in our 170ltr tank we have:

1 x pakistani loach

1 x upside down catfish

1 x bristlenose

3 x neons

2 x rummynose (all came from the same tank)

We then purchased about 2 weeks ago, 3 more neons & 3 more rummys from the shop opposite Rocklea Markets. We lost one neon overnight - just disappeared (we suspect the loach). Then one evening after feeding, one of the rummys was laying vertically up against a plant looking very grey, when he did swim it was very erratic & weak because he swam close to the filter & got stuck on it for a while. In the morning he was dead. No visible signs of white spots/ lumps or being attacked, although I did notice one eye looked white. Now we have another sick rummy, only with this one his lips appear white & swollen, he is not swimming with the school, his red has faded & he is breathing rapidly. Also appears to be a bit twitchy at times. He ate normally with the others this evening, we have only noticed this in the last 2 hours..... Did a water check, it has been pretty consistent throughout, PH - 7.5, Am - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 10ppm.

We have been replanting plants quite a bit as the loach keeps knocking them out, & also thought we would try to lower the Ph by doing a few 30% water changes, which didn't really make much difference, but thought maybe we could have stressed them by all this action? After a lot of reading on the net we haven't really seen anything that is definitive.....any help would be great! Thanks.

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