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Decorator grab all glammed up and just waits for lights out, lol

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This big guy that I have had for near 4 years now has a simple life in the second tub and has never harmed anything of any value, so its life there is secure.

I have had two others out fo the millions I see over the last 30 plus years, but this one i have kept, its got real talent!

It gets a good mix of foods along with its little mate of near 3 years, that one is an algae decorator crab and not a great dresser!

The sponge guy uses what ever I put in as its gear for that week or month or two and it does grow some healthy sponge content as well, it’sa good gardener??

This is its latest dress up night; this all went in and was allput on over night!

I had gotten some sponge foods for my guys and I dropped in some for the decorator to play with and alittle ulva and more so it could dress up, the next morn this was it.


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