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foldable fish tanks

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just sharing the love

had these for a few years and rate them pretty well

Foldable Fish Tanks

did notice there's already a post about them here, but no real review/experiences shared


have two of the [TABLE]


[TD=align: center]S151007[/TD]

[TD=align: center] 150*100*70[/TD]



, bout 1000L

had them for 4 years or so, i cant really remember. my experience is there like an ibc with much more surface area, which is better for the fish and is much better to observe them from. had one puncture on a bottom edge that i fixed with the repair kit no worries, i also had to re-seal one of the drain outlets on the other tank. they are pretty tough though there 3 layer + screen mesh inside as well, have found rocks and even screws underneath them being in the garage that have been there for who knows how long with no puncture. mine fold up to the size of about an ironing board so pretty handy for travel.

wondering if anyone else has given these a go? moving a 5ft tank is bad enough, i prefer moving these ones:esmile:

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