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correct discus filter flow rate ?

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Hi I run a 1200 lph canister and 500 lph internal filter also in 3 ft tank, external has spray bar across back and internal blows across tank towards canister Intake pipe, discus seem happy and do not try to avoid current, also run 2 good size airstones, hope this helps.

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okay so a 1200L / HR seems ok for discus in a 3 foot tank. with a spray bar ...bearing in mind discus do not like high flow rate too much.

500L/hr is WAY too slow and you end up not having enough water movement to carry oxygen around the whole tank after 2 weeks - filter slows down a lot. and it isnt dirty :/

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Hi all ..

What would be a good flow rate of a filter for a 3 foot discus tank..

It appears the litlle aqua one 500 isn't moving the water enough to carry oxygen at night ...

Barring in mind discus dislike fast current.


Is you tank planted ?

What makes you believe the filter is inadequate ?

How do you know it is not carrying enough oxygen through the tank ?

I am not familiar with your particular filter - but if it is slowing that quickly , it may be just a poor design.

How many discus do you have in the tank ? For just a pair 2 sponge filters would be adequate .

When I used to breed Discus I used to keep 1pr in either 24x18x18 or 30x18x18 tanks and used Aquaclear 300 filters( hang on tank old skool ), one on each tank.

modern filters - I would probably say in a planted tank with plants , logs etc slowing the flow - an Eheim 2215 or whatever they call it today and bare breeder tank a 2213 would likely be good enough .

Definitely though if a 500 lph filter is not turning the water over in a 3 footer something is wrong , with either how the filter is set up , how the media is set up or just the design of the filter itself.

Lastly if you are going to have expensive fish and decent tank with nice decor , plants etc - DON'T Cheap out on the filter . Buy a well made , well designed filter with good quality media - more impotant than LPH . If it clogs in a week or 2 the LPH is gone , you have to clean it out and risk the tank having a partial ammonia cycle . ( mini cycle some call it )

Contact @Donny@ageofaquariums he will steer you in the right direction for modern filters most of what I use is quality gear but 10 years or more old I am a little behind on actual models and such .

I checked your filter on "google' and if it performs to spec. it should be ok .

Some pics of how you filter is set up would also help heaps .

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I am gathering you are saying there is not enough oxygen transfer as the discus are gasping at night?

Are you running CO2? Do you turn it off at night?

Short answer is consider the turnover target, and control the flow in the tank by directing flow via spraybars.

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