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FOSSIL FISH & SHRIMP collection for sale

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Condition: New

Price: $10-$150

Willing To Ship: No

location: West End

3 small trilobite $10 each $30 (eirathia sp.)

1/2 trilobite in matrix $10

Triple " in matrix $25 (ellipsocephalus sp.) Cz rep.

Trilobite nodule.. pos and neg $40

Knightia mortality plate (10 fish) $120

". ". " ( 9 fish) $120

Chinese Lycoptera $100 - 2 fish in hard display case.

Crayfish sml $30

Crayfish med $60 good detail in both.

German starfish ...1 nearly 2 specimens, $50 (sinosura sp.)

Seran.us sp. (Poland) sml $40

" med $70

Knightia sp. (X5) $30-$60 each

Knightia lg triple $150

Diplo lg matrix $150

" light specimen. $120

Diplo sml $50

Fossil shrimp... single $40

Shrimp doubles $75

Shrimp triple $150 ( triples NFS, but if u really want them, that's the price)

These prices are the prices I sell to certain shops for ( you may of seen the shrimps in a couple :) )

If someone wants the lot they will get them %20 off. Can't won't go lower. A lot of the above are individually cheaper then should be so don't ask. ( and yeah...go look on eBay by all means !!! lol)

Pls pm with details and I'll send pics, I might get to put up some pics here later.

Thanks for looking :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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