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My fish are breeding for the first.........Not sure why or how???

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Good morning All. like I said Ive got babies on the way and Im not sure how. I mean I know how, but how this happened Im not sure.

Ive not got two fish of the same breed in the tank. And from what I can tell, Its the Male firemouth and Female Convict.

Ive now got a VERY VERY protective little convict, to the point where shes going my red tiger if she swims by, and a firemouth patroling the front of the den.

I have a small tank ready to put new babies in. But after that im not sure what i need to do.

Any help would be great

Thanks Rick

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I am going to be blunt and give my opinion. Unfortunately you have a unplanned crossing of two different species. As much as it may be interesting to see what you get, they are not something that is going to be valuable or good for the hobby.

I am going to suggest just let them go. In a community they will probably not survive and be eaten.

Consider you favourite species and plan a good spawning.

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