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foam eating fish

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hey all

in my 6 footer i have fry floating in a fry saver, and the foam ive stuck to the side of it, my fish appear to be eating/pecking at it. anybody have the same problem and how did you get around it? hopefully the pic works;



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are there any bite size pieces of foam floating around the top of the tank or are they eating it?

if there going the chew then spittin, i wouldnt worry, but if they are eating it i cant see their bodies breaking the foam down the same way they would food and for sure causing some sort of intestinal problems....

ive never had that problem with my fry savers but i would be changing what i use to float in with...

idea :idea::idea: ......get some 19mm black poly pipe and 4 corner joints(elbows) and cut the poly pipe to the same size as the out side of the fry saver.

join the lot together and silicone it to the side or like mine slide the saver thru the rectangle and let it rest on the lip..

go off ya go..... i want it done by tomorrow and i want to see pics...


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great idea, i'll give that a go and post pics up soon as. there are little bits of foam loose floating near it, and the fish appear to be feeding ok, so shouldnt be a prob.

picked up the barnacle clump yesterday where one of my little female gold comps are laying in, to shake any fry out into a bucket to save them, and the big male bit me, the bastard. god i'm glad he didnt get rhino out of it :roll:

thanks guys


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