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8x2x2 Tank, Cabinet and African Cichlids

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: $800Size: variousQuantity: listed belowSex: MixedSuburb/Town: ZillmereCichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: $800Size: variousSex: MixedSuburb/Town: ZillmereCichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: $800Size: variousQuantity: lotsSex: MixedSuburb/Town: ZillmereHi,

I have up for sale a 8x2x2 tank, cabinet and hood including fish:

Fish Included are:

Rostaratus 1 Male 25cm

Protomelas spilonatusMara Rock 2 Males and 1 Female at 25cm

Red Fin Kadango 1 Male at 20cm

VC10 Male at 28cm (giveaway, getting old)

Deep water Electra 2 Female at 8cm

OB Zebra 1 Male at 10cm

Sunshine Peacock 1 Male at 10cm

Malawi Trout 1 Male at 20cm

Blue Dolphin 1 Female at 12cm

Tyranachromis Nigereventer 2 Male at 15cm

Pakastoni Loach 3 Unknown at 10-12 cm

Red Empress 3 Unknown at 8cm

Electric Blue 2 Female at 8cm

Unknown Peacock 1 Unknown at 8cm

Common Bristlenose 8 at 8-10cm mixed

Tank is probably not display quality anymore has several scratches but has 5x25mm Bulkheads and is painted black on the background

Substrate is calcium carbonate and has a good 120 litres included

Also comes with large lava rock centerpiece and large drift wood stump, river rocks as well

Cabinet is in good condition with matching hood.

Sump is a 4x15x18 with 8000 lph Luguna pump probably 2 years old.

Sump comes with all media inc jap matting, bio balls, gutter guard, ceramic noodles and a layer of coral

Sump outer is in perfect nick and has no leaks but unfortunately 3 of the baffles need a reseal

Pipework would benefit from a bit of sprucing up too when moved into new position

Has two 4 foot twin fluro bulbs which have been wired to work off light switch from side.

Comes with two 300w Eheim Jager Heaters and twin outlet air pump running sponges.

Also there are a few bits and pieces in a tub that come with it for spare parts and cleaning uses.

I would prefer to sell setup as a whole and is priced accordingly as there is probably $350 worth of fish alone.

No work needed except for a reseal to the baffles and a spruce up to the pipework.

Please note that there are some fish in the photo that are not forsale, the list above is what is included

I will consider splitting up if not sold as a whole in two weeks.

Please contact via pm or reply to thread.

Cheers Mark



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