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Keeping wild caught fish in a tank

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Hey everyone,

Next idea for a tank will be a 4x2x2 at the smallest and I plan on going out and catching some smaller but legal bream or whiting.

1. What sort of filtration would I need to have on it would a higher end canister be fine or would it be best to put a sump on it? Either way what sort of flow rate would be best to have.

2. What sort of scaping would be better planted or more rock work as I have heard they like both depending on the time of year. (what type of plants and rocks would be best)

3. If I were to go with a 4x2x2 what would be the the stock limit.



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A big canister like an FX6 would be fine, add in a few wavemakers or airstones.

Bit of an investment so make sure you keep it at least brackish using marine salt to prevent nasty bacterial/fungal diseases on the fish.

Test kit to make sure its all cycled as a nitrite spike is lethal to those fish.

As to stock limit, with 25cm minimum bream, you probably dont want more than 3 of them and maybe 5 small whiting IF you want to keep water changes to a maximum of 1 a week.

Not really a fan of more than weekly water changes personally lol

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Did the Whiting thing 20 something years ago.

Had a 4 x 18 x 15 tank with a 6 inch wide sump built all the way along the back.

Had an overflow cut out of one end of the tank for the intake and one 2500 ltr/hr pump that returned the water back into the tank.

The flow was fairly strong and directed so that it hit the front of the tank about a third of the way along.

That was how I kept it as I did not have wave makers back then.

Cooling in summer was the big problem and I used heaps of plastic bottles with frozen water.

Usually placed two or three in the sump in the morning and another one at night.

Not the best way to keep the tank cool but it worked.

Sandy bottom with a reed bed covering about half the tank diagonally.

Started with 20 x 6 inch baby winter whiting which we netted in Bramble Bay and ended up with 12 wrist slappers (12inch or better) after a couple of years.

Mine was full salt not brackish and I collected fresh water every month or so, but did weekly changes with home made mix in between.

Was great to watch.

Have fun


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