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Any one up for a tank lift on Friday night/arvo?

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Its a bit of a hike for you guys, appreciate it big time.

See if I can snag a few more local, its going to be a bit anti-climatic if it all goes to plan.

Should have the new stand at new place, so just a tank to truck, 10 min drive and tank off truck.

So easy to type......... we shall see lol

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Well tomorrow is the day....... only slightly terrafied.

Down a few more people than expected, so if you are able to drop in for a bit to help would be very appreciated.

Aiming for around 6pm to 6:30pm,

Chuck the tank on the truck at Marsden.

Drive it 10 minutes away to Drewvale and slot it into garage.

Where is the beer and pizza?

unfortunately tomorrow is go time, no time to celebrate moving the lady.

But I promise beer and pizza for lifters who are keen at a later date, and there wont be any more tank moving involved!

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What do you mean the internets are full in Drewvale? I don't even.

I moved the tank tho...... committed man!

Its like a ghetto with beautiful houses and nice people...... only who cares if you cant even get dial up internet !?

But Tony promised high speed copper wire broadband, and tony is love tony is life hail tony


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